My imqhotbqh on ELEX

Second review of Piranha Bytes game on this blog, now there is their first game and their last game here in reviews, so there’s some contrast pretty easy to find now here.

Ended up finishing it faster than Gothic 2, but still was pretty solid with close to 80 hours adventure that I enjoyed way more than Gothic games, but more in full post… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on ELEX”

My imqhotbqh on Cyberpunk 2077

Here we go, review that you’ve been waiting for. Biggest fiesta since Fallout 76 probably and I got the opportunity thanks to Antraxo’s gift to try it before big patches arrived. Or well I played one day with no big patches and then first update dropped, so I didn’t get a lot of raw release experience.

70 hours went in with a bunch of side quests and full playthrough of main quests, so now it’s time for my lidl verdict… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Cyberpunk 2077”

My war with procrastination and perfectionism. Chapter 1

I feel like it is pretty common nowadays to see people who are just burning their time away, mention something about not being productive, procrastinating etc in Twitch chat and you will farm sames, Sadges and truers.

My fight with that started long ago, probably as soon as I finished my education, actual education not counting my in absentia university adventure, so since I was done with college in 2009. So one can say I’m a war veteran at this point and seen what havoc it can wreak in your life, not to mention that my war is not even over yet, but I feel like it’s finally getting somewhere after all those years. This is going to be a philosophical post with my experiences, which aren’t universal of course and not everything works the same for others, but at least I hope my perspective and experience will be at least interesting or maybe help you to start thinking about it faster without waiting for life to slap you in the face, especially since some of those slap marks are irreversible or really hard to get rid of. Obviously I’m not a psychologists or any kind of professional in the topic, so I can’t help you myself, but at least I hope it can make you think. Kinda spontaneous and not super well planned post, so it’s not a full and complete story/thought, it’s still in progress and I will post more, feel free to discuss stuff like this on stream anytime too. Let’s go… Continue reading “My war with procrastination and perfectionism. Chapter 1”

My imqhotbqh on demos I played last Friday

Did my Friday Demo segment last week because of Steam Festival bringing us a lot of demos to play, wasn’t too bad, but I think now with all the corona delays and games that aren’t even starting because of that there are many demos that I already tried before.

Still we got some new stuff to play and let’s review some of that… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on demos I played last Friday”

My take on new channel points feature to boost streams

You probably could notice that thing appearing on top of my chat telling you that boosting my channel is in progress, I think it even was constantly there glitched out for a couple of days. That’s new Twitch’s feature finally finding some actual use for channel points that is not just to burn them (even though I like the ability to get some emotes, but for some reason it is actually barely used).

So what’s this boosting about and what do I think about it, let’s see… Continue reading “My take on new channel points feature to boost streams”

Current Jankathon and streaming plans

As you know recently I’m enjoying some quality Eurojank RPGs and one can say I’m enjoying it way too much to the point it became sorta LIDL Jankathon currently and I’m not planning to stop.

Gothic 1 done, Gothic 2 in progress, ELEX in progress, Cyberpunk 2077 (I mean it is euro and very jank, so we can put it in Eurojank already too, right?) in progress. What’s next for Jankathon and when it might end in full post… Continue reading “Current Jankathon and streaming plans”

More little schedule experiments

Returning to my schedule from around 1.5-2 years back, when I had 1 day off one week and 2 days off other week in hopes that this extra day off every two weeks will be productive, but if not, then I’ll probably return to the grind.

Exceptions will be obviously when I’m doing some grindy marathons like I always do around holidays time etc, then less or no day offs as usual. Now that tl;dr is over, traditional wall of text in full post… Continue reading “More little schedule experiments”

My imqhotbqh on Gothic

First Gothic game of course I mean. Currently in process of playing second one and in the same time ELEX, which is another RPG from same devs that has completely different setting from Gothic, but a lot of similar vibes.

Not a very fresh review, since I finished first game quite some time ago, just didn’t have time to write a blog post with Boomerathon and holidays, but better late than never… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Gothic”

Boomerathon 2. Plans and details

Boomerathon announced, sexy can of white monster near my face is already posted on Twitter and Discord has more beefy announcement that has some of the details about what’s planned etc.

This post is to put most of the info about what to expect in one place for people to read and in a little more detail too… Continue reading “Boomerathon 2. Plans and details”

Me and special streams

More than a week after charity stream and everything is still a little bit all over the place, but it’s a lot better and I’m more calm now, now I would say my grinding addiction is interrupting natural flow of things and that’s why I forgot to write a blog post on Thursday.

As I mentioned in previous post I have my own special perspective on special streams and today I want to talk about it, gonna be a post of transparency… Continue reading “Me and special streams”