Weekly Transparent Streamer report

Weekly report gonna be pretty short, since i forgot majority of details from my shopping, only total numbers pretty much. Gonna try to post more “express” reviews with fresh impressions, but yeah, my schedule was completely RIP and i’m now on my 4 hours of sleep, posting before i go to bed to finally do it and then wake up at reasonable times. Continue reading “Weekly Transparent Streamer report”

Transparent Professional Streamer Month. Intro

So what’s all this ruckus about? Pretty simple – just being transparent with you, seriously, nothing to do with any memes, except the word. What exactly does it mean? In short: episodic reality show about my life as a streamer, public diary that isn’t going too deep into my thoughts, but more on the surface of my life so you can see a life of a streamer with mad Twitch bux, life of a gamer with decades of experience and long nolife moments, life of a simple nerd in Russia getting closer to his 30s. That’s tl;dr, how, why, when and some other answers in full post. Continue reading “Transparent Professional Streamer Month. Intro”

About alert system clown fiesta

Didn’t write a post yesterday, thought i should move my posting times to more reasonable time and not at night, then realized today that i barely have time in the morning, then stream for 12 hours and it’s night posting again today, so it was all pointless. I’m planning to try posting some time during Ela’s stream normally, so i multitask on 2 screens for optimal time usage, but since i’m in streaming marathon state and my schedule is all over the place, might as well just go full pepo with posting. Situation with alerts is an actual clown fiesta, but with sad clown aka Pierrot in action, otherwise would be funny.  Continue reading “About alert system clown fiesta”