My imqhotbqh on demos I played last Friday

Did my Friday Demo segment last week because of Steam Festival bringing us a lot of demos to play, wasn’t too bad, but I think now with all the corona delays and games that aren’t even starting because of that there are many demos that I already tried before.

Still we got some new stuff to play and let’s review some of that… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on demos I played last Friday”

My take on new channel points feature to boost streams

You probably could notice that thing appearing on top of my chat telling you that boosting my channel is in progress, I think it even was constantly there glitched out for a couple of days. That’s new Twitch’s feature finally finding some actual use for channel points that is not just to burn them (even though I like the ability to get some emotes, but for some reason it is actually barely used).

So what’s this boosting about and what do I think about it, let’s see… Continue reading “My take on new channel points feature to boost streams”

Current Jankathon and streaming plans

As you know recently I’m enjoying some quality Eurojank RPGs and one can say I’m enjoying it way too much to the point it became sorta LIDL Jankathon currently and I’m not planning to stop.

Gothic 1 done, Gothic 2 in progress, ELEX in progress, Cyberpunk 2077 (I mean it is euro and very jank, so we can put it in Eurojank already too, right?) in progress. What’s next for Jankathon and when it might end in full post… Continue reading “Current Jankathon and streaming plans”

More little schedule experiments

Returning to my schedule from around 1.5-2 years back, when I had 1 day off one week and 2 days off other week in hopes that this extra day off every two weeks will be productive, but if not, then I’ll probably return to the grind.

Exceptions will be obviously when I’m doing some grindy marathons like I always do around holidays time etc, then less or no day offs as usual. Now that tl;dr is over, traditional wall of text in full post… Continue reading “More little schedule experiments”

My imqhotbqh on Gothic

First Gothic game of course I mean. Currently in process of playing second one and in the same time ELEX, which is another RPG from same devs that has completely different setting from Gothic, but a lot of similar vibes.

Not a very fresh review, since I finished first game quite some time ago, just didn’t have time to write a blog post with Boomerathon and holidays, but better late than never… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Gothic”

Boomerathon 2. Plans and details

Boomerathon announced, sexy can of white monster near my face is already posted on Twitter and Discord has more beefy announcement that has some of the details about what’s planned etc.

This post is to put most of the info about what to expect in one place for people to read and in a little more detail too… Continue reading “Boomerathon 2. Plans and details”

Me and special streams

More than a week after charity stream and everything is still a little bit all over the place, but it’s a lot better and I’m more calm now, now I would say my grinding addiction is interrupting natural flow of things and that’s why I forgot to write a blog post on Thursday.

As I mentioned in previous post I have my own special perspective on special streams and today I want to talk about it, gonna be a post of transparency… Continue reading “Me and special streams”

Gaming Tuesday 2020 Charity Stream results and thoughts

I just realized that post I was writing before the stream remained in drafts, because I completely forgot to finish and post it due to being stressed out and nervous about my charity stream, so previous week even with 2 day offs got no posts. That’s not very xqcL and I’ll bring that topic up today probably too or maybe will dedicate a separate post.

But for now important thing is that we raised 1111,1$ for charity and that’s amazing, thank you so much everyone who was with me and especially who was donating! This crazy year sure makes me very impressed by people’s generosity more than usual. But still, let’s look at the numbers and some things I need to take in account planning for next charity stream and any “special” out of ordinary kind of stream really, some of that knowledge might be useful for others too… Continue reading “Gaming Tuesday 2020 Charity Stream results and thoughts”

My take on Twitch selling Affiliate status with Monstercat subscription

Been a while since I posted my Pepega takes, so here we go, very fresh one too. Affiliate status is something that is very hard to get on Twitch, but now you can get it by just investing pretty small sum of money in music service subscription.

Obviously reaction to that was pretty negative overall, not a huge shitstorm, but a lot of upset people and a lot of messages to other streamers asking them to give their take. Well here’s mine… Continue reading “My take on Twitch selling Affiliate status with Monstercat subscription”

My imqhotbqh on Wasteland 3

Completely missed previous week’s blog post, but now that I got an extra day off this week I’ll write one extra and accidentally it is about another thing that was affected by my degen life – Wasteland 3 playthrough that is now over and I can share my opinion.

I sure took my time and Ragnarok Online appearance didn’t help with removing RPG Mondays for a while, so it’s quite a delayed review, but better late than never, right? Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Wasteland 3”