Transparent Professional Streamer Month. Intro

So what’s all this ruckus about? Pretty simple – just being transparent with you, seriously, nothing to do with any memes, except the word. What exactly does it mean? In short: episodic reality show about my life as a streamer, public diary that isn’t going too deep into my thoughts, but more on the surface of my life so you can see a life of a streamer with mad Twitch bux, life of a gamer with decades of experience and long nolife moments, life of a simple nerd in Russia getting closer to his 30s. That’s tl;dr, how, why, when and some other answers in full post. Continue reading “Transparent Professional Streamer Month. Intro”

About alert system clown fiesta

Didn’t write a post yesterday, thought i should move my posting times to more reasonable time and not at night, then realized today that i barely have time in the morning, then stream for 12 hours and it’s night posting again today, so it was all pointless. I’m planning to try posting some time during Ela’s stream normally, so i multitask on 2 screens for optimal time usage, but since i’m in streaming marathon state and my schedule is all over the place, might as well just go full pepo with posting. Situation with alerts is an actual clown fiesta, but with sad clown aka Pierrot in action, otherwise would be funny.  Continue reading “About alert system clown fiesta”

Back from partyharding. Plans based on answers i got from Twitch

Summer house fiesta is over, might get one more session in a couple of weeks, but i will try to dodge it and worst case it will be just using Friday as my regular day off and then streaming on Saturday normally, at least shouldn’t be so many parties and stuff in a row. Got answers to all my questions already from Twitch, but i will dedicate them separate posts since some have actually important information and deserve it. But i will give a summary tl;dr on all answers here and my plans connected to it. Continue reading “Back from partyharding. Plans based on answers i got from Twitch”

No answer from Twitch yet, but counting some expenses already

Since it’s day off this post will be mostly kinda IRL centered with nothing about games and streaming related stuff, i’ll have a bunch of those quite regularly probably, since it’s pretty much my “diary” and some people like my russian coolstories. Continue reading “No answer from Twitch yet, but counting some expenses already”

Some news and updates

First of all details about my month of transparency are a bit delayed, i already started writing a post, but decided to clear some things first from legal perspective, so hopefully in next couple of days. If everything is clear and i know what i can and what i can’t talk about, it might lead to some pretty good serious posts in future. I’ll be keeping track of my expenses and stuff though, which is at 0 for now, still have some food left in my stock.

Second, i think my day off schedule should be final now: day offs left for this week will be Wednesday and Friday. Friday wasn’t in my plans initially, but tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and they will go to summer house to celebrate this weekend, so i will go there on Friday and Saturday i will go home in the morning hopefully alive enough for a long weekend stream to deliver all the content to people who can only catch me on weekends. Also i called potential additional day off yesterday, so i’m taking it, next week will most likely be pretty chaotic and with lots of streams, maybe with lower amount of day offs than usual even, so i’m gonna get bonus rest this week that way to be prepared.

I also mentioned in plans that on Sunday i might go hang out with friends – that is happening, but not sure in which form yet, if weather allows we will go picnic again and i will long IRL my way there, if weather is bad, then probably regular stream at home and then friends will arrive to my apartment. No matter what i’ll try to stream for as much as i can on Sunday, even in case of IRL it should be like 4 hours at least.

Regular stream tomorrow, 11am.